The Doctors TV: Scoliosis Recap

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The doctors featured a show on Scoliosis showing Paige’s Scoliosis Story.
She states that she was diagnosed at age 12 was told she did not need to have the surgery, but over the years she had increased pain and shrunk height (lost 2 inches over 6 years).

*Warning: This Video is Graphic and Shows Actual Surgery*

Complex spinal surgeon Dr. Michael S. Chang performs a direct vertebral derotation, this is Paiges Scoliosis Story.

My thoughts on watching this was as followed:
What treatments did she under go to prevent her curve from increasing?
Did she wear a brace? 
Was it suggested and she just didn’t?
Why did her Scoliosis get that bad, before she had surgery?

For the record I’m not calling out Paige and wish a speedy recovery, it’s a painful surgery and I wish her only positive thoughts and well wishes! I just tend to wonder these things being an activist for Scoliosis and have vast knowledge on was a “typical treatment plan” is for anyone with Scoliosis. What stuck out is that the background, was sort vague… maybe for time? But since she doesn’t mention a brace, makes me think she did not wear one.

If Paige didn’t wear a brace I wish she would have used that platform to encourage others to wear there brace so they are spared the surgery. The goal of bracing is to try and keep your curve from progressing. If the curve in your spine is more than 25 degrees and you still have a lot of growing to do, your scoliosis curvature could rapidly get worse. Which maybe why she lost height from age 16 to 22.

Complex spinal surgeon Dr. Michael S. Chang explains direct vertebral derotation, a six-hour procedure, to treat scoliosis

 Also would like to mention that they showed the new style of surgery. This is very different from the surgery that most people had (who are 20 years +) my first surgery in 2000 was done the “old way” with Harrington Rods. My last surgery is 2009 they used the “new method” along with some other surgical treatment since my case is so complex.

Would love to know if she goes Sky diving though!

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