About My Scoliosis Story

Misson Statement

My Scoliosis Story™ is committed to raise scoliosis awareness globally and within our local communities by spreading the message of scoliosis awareness.  To educate the children and adults diagnosed with Scoliosis in order to restore hope in their recovery with positivity and support. To encourage proactive treatment programs in the early stages of scoliosis and patients to make the most informed decisions.


My Scoliosis Story™ core philosophy is to inform and support children and adults with scoliosis, spinal deformities, and other complex spine problems in provided positive and educational manner from a patient perspective. My Scoliosis Story™ strongly believes all patients diagnosed with Scoliosis have the potential for recovery, past the traditional predictors of outcome. We believe there is no one single treatment that works universally for Scoliosis; however, with a combined approach of treating the entire body, we know recovery is possible. Our team is committed to providing ongoing support with positivity  to those with Scolisosis and their families throughout their recovery process.


My Scoliosis Story™ envisions patients with scoliosis as normal people who deserve an opportunity to live an active, normal life.