About Alana

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About Alana

Alana lives in beautiful California. After being diagnosed with Scoliosis at a very young age she has endured and embraced all the challenges that comes with it. Undergoing multiple Scoliosis surgeries, the most recent was October 2009, has not discouraged her at all. Although it is not always easy to cope Alana is determined not to let her Scoliosis affect her or how she is going to live her life. Her passion for Scoliosis Awareness started after she spoke about her disorder in a high school English class. Her drive and ambition for Scoliosis Awareness is only fueled by her set backs and other surgeries. Alana’s number one goal is to spread awareness and let other girls (and boys) know that even though they have Scoliosis they are so much more then a curved spine.










  • President’s Award for Educational Excellence
  • Honorary Boston Celtic
  • Honorary Disneyland Princess
  • Honorary Marine
  • Featured in The Temecula Bugle
  • Graduate of  James Malinchak’s: Big Money Speaker Bootcamp
  • Alumni of  Temecula Valley High School
  • Alumni of Sun and Ski
  • Alumni of Friday Night Live
  • Member of  Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle
  • Member of San Diego Zoo’s Keepers Club
  • Student of Pilates
  • Bella Forma Pilates Inspiration of the Month

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